Our Services

Brooks Irrigation offers end-to-end irrigation management services for councils, sporting clubs, commercial and residential customers.

Our services include strategic advice and planning, deisgn, materials supply, system installations, pumps, tanks and (cloud based) irrigation controllers.

We offer a a wide selection of sensors to enhance the functioning and monitoring capabilities of your system. All designed to preserve water usage, enhance irrigation efficiency and decrease issue resolution time. Examples are rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, flow sensors, weather stations and integration with weather websites like the Bureau of Meteorology. 

Our services team provides ongoing management, audits and service and maintenance to ensure your irrigation system stays in top condition - at all times. 

Councils and Sporting Clubs

Enhancing Community Experience

Brooks Irrigation is a preferred supplier for many councils and sporting clubs across the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding areas for installlations of central control systems, irrigation systems including tanks and pumps, and ongoing periodical maintance, audits and service. We offer long lasting and high-quality outcomes at value for money for your rate payers. All enhancing community experience when using parks and sporting fields.

Commercial and Strata

Increasing Corporate and Strata Impression

Brooks irrigation provides end-to-end irrigation services for strata and commercial properties.

We get involved from the design phase of the property through to installation and ongoing service and maintenance of the irrigaiton systems. We conduct ad-hoc or periodical audits often resolving issues before they are encountered by residents. 

Central control functionality enhances efficiency of ongoing management and maintennce of larger strata or commercial properties with a a very short return on investment.

Often strata companies inherit systems too manage that were poorly designed to keep cots down at the time of building  construction. We audit existing systems and work towards a practical solution to enhance the longevity of the irrigation system and enhance critical and vulnerable components. 

We also offer water restriction compliance review and can advise on changes your systems require to become compliant.

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Florishing results for your private gardens and lawns

Let's be honest, we all want our private gardens and lawns to look the best. All the time. 

Brooks Irrigation have supplied and installed countless long-lasting irrigation systems of the highest standards. 

We design systems and discuss options to suit your budget - selecting the best products without compromising on quality.

Your system will be bespoke to the speicfic needs of your garden and may include mico irrigation,  drip irrigation, fixed or pop-up sprinklers with spray nozzles to suit or even larger rotary sprinklers.

We match a suitable irrigation controller, battery or AC powered that can be WIFI enabled to manage your system on-line via your phone and can be remotely accessed by Brooks Irrigation for support if so desired.

We ensure your system is compliant with current water restrictions and provide you with a dated compliance sticker as evidence. We can also audit your sytem for compliance at any time.

Brooks Irrigation has a very experienced services team that provides periodical or ad-hoc service and maintence to make sure your irrigation system stays in 100% working order.  


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